Ms. Penton is one of the few attorneys listed on the Idaho Supreme Court’s list of parenting coordinators.  To be placed on the Idaho Supreme Court Parenting Coordinator List, a party must receive special training in areas specific to issues that arise in high conflict custody cases, are certified mediators and undergo a criminal history check.

Parenting coordinators make decisions within the context of a custody order.  Parenting coordination is a useful tool used in high conflict custody and visitation cases.  A parenting coordinator is a neutral party that can be appointed by the court or pursuant to an agreement between the parties.

In addition to making decisions within the context of a custody order, the responsibilities of a parenting coordinator include collaborative dispute resolution in parenting, acting to empower the parents to resume parenting controls and decision-making for their children, and minimize the degree of conflict between the parties for the best interests of the children.

Parenting Coordination is not appropriate for all cases.  Parenting Coordination is appropriate in the following cases:

  • The issues appear to be intractable or have been the subject of frequent re-litigation;
  • The well-being of a minor child is placed at risk by the parents’ inability to co-parent civilly;
  • One or both parents has/have committed domestic violence;
  • One or both parents is/are chemically dependent or mentally ill; or
  • Other exceptional circumstances require such appointment to protect the child’s best interests.

The court will determine how the fees and costs are apportioned between the parties. If you have a high conflict custody case and feel that you need a neutral third party to help make decisions, having a Parenting Coordinator may be appropriate for your case.